Technical University in Kosice.

Technical University in Kosice.

The Technical University in Kosice (Technická univerzita v Košiciach, TUKE) is a leading technical university in Slovakia, which has gained popularity among students all over the world. Remarkably equipped classrooms, multimedia classrooms and an excellent library create a comfortable environment for teaching and research at the university.

The university works closely with industrial organizations throughout Slovakia, which provides good employment opportunities for university graduates.

Location – Technical University in Kosice.

List of faculties.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics.

Graduates will gain knowledge in the fields of cybernetics, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, electronics, electrical engineering, automotive and power engineering.

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The faculty provides scholarships in all study programs.

Bachelor’s degree.


Applied Electrical Engineering Automated Electrical Systems Automotive Electronics Electricity Physical Engineering of Advanced Materials Economic Informatics Informatics Intelligent Electronics Intelligent Systems Cybersecurity Computer Simulation Computer Network Industrial Electrical Engineering.

Master’s degree.


Automotive electronics Electricity Electrical systems Physical engineering of progressive materials Economic informatics Informatics Intelligent systems Computer network Computer modeling Industrial electrical engineering.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

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