New Apple iPhone 6s

New Apple iPhone 6s
New Apple iPhone 6s

-New Apple iPhone 6s Display

-New Apple iPhone 6 Plus

-New Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Plus Models

-New Apple iPad Mini & iPhone 6 and newer Models

1.15 We are very happy to update both the iPhone 6 and newest model with more updates at a later date. Our users are encouraged to continue to make the updated iPhone 6 and newer iPhones compatible with Samsung and Samsung Smart Charge. You can use your device directly to charge your Apple iPhone and Samsung Smart Camera. We will add additional models in the coming days for iPhone 6 and newer models. This update will help solve some small problems we have encountered. When we have a problem, you can contact Support by going to and selecting Your Location in the options. Please see our Help Center for more information.

iOS 6.1.0 Now Available

iPhone 6

New iPad Mini

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 and older versions

-New iPad Mini and iPhone 6 and newer models

1.14 With iOS 6.1.0 now available for iPhone 6 and newer iPhones, the device can handle some minor and minor issues with screen resolution for the iPhone 6.

-New iPad Mini and iPhone 6 and newer models

1.13 Some issues have been fixed. Other than this in this update we don’t feel we’re having too much too soon and can’t
New Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus feature Retina display at high frame rates, but you can opt for a new color display with Retina resolution. The Retina display provides up to 8.1 million colors per pixel, while the Retina display also delivers up to 872 million colors per pixel.

According to the company, the Retina display will continue to produce the highest quality of colors for iPhone models that don’t feature a new or increased processor, but also to support the latest and most advanced software in iOS 7. Apple is also offering a new design option to turn the Retina display off if the battery falls below 150 per cent (the current minimum of that mark).

The Retina Display is also set to be available for iPad 4 and iPad mini 2.

Update: The retractive enhancement is now live on iPhone 6 version.

Fully Retina iPhone 6s Plus

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