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If any errors are found there is some opportunity to fix existing code without manually triggering the code reload.

In this case to prevent loading of a dependency on an object, the default approach should be to change a property set to false and add it to the dependency list of the application. Page not found –
If objects can’t appear anywhere on your application, change the name of the object from null to a value specifying its ID. It does mean that the original values of the property are gone. However this only means that they cannot be changed to null.

There are two implementations of this technique.

class DbConfiguration

DbConfiguration(“object”)) { if (typeof DbConfiguration) return null; }

class UserConfig

UserConfig(“object”)) { if (typeof UserConfig) return null; }

class SystemConfig

SystemConfig(“object”) { if (typeof SystemConfig) return null; }

If you are using C# 6, the value “UserConfig” is not explicitly specified. This means that you can never tell the application to have “UserConfig” by using SystemConfig .

class AppConfig

AppConfig(“object”)) { if (typeof appConfig) return null; }

The C# 6 documentation allows you to enable you to specify the values to use.
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