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* KENYA: The Next Generation Digital SLR

by Mike G.

SUMMARY: The KENYA K60 is a very fine and solid chip for those wanting the best performance and high quality electronics. This chip is only built for high performance applications, not the other way around. It is a highly compatible and configurable processor, featuring 3/4″ socket, 1/8″ socket, LGA775, DIMM sockets, 1/2″ socket, 24-92W TFT cable, 100W DIMM sockets, 1/4″ socket, 20W x 90mm radiator and a 12-Pin PWM GPIO header. All this is supported by 4 compatible boards. The KENYA K60 delivers a beautiful user experience. A great value in today’s market. It may not be the best choice, but it will provide great value for $499 USD for a year.

SOLD OUT : 1/8″ threaded header, with 1/4″ socket.

* KENYO: The KENYO is a beautiful and quiet K60 motherboard. With over 12GB of DDR3 memory and 16GB on board for enhanced fast transfer, this makes it ideal for gaming and a quick way to power your device. This K60 chip contains three onboard MOSI Cores that are connected as shown when compared
Coconut Classified –

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Coconut Classified –

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