Bedside storage: 25 practical

Bedside storage: 25 practical
Bedside storage: 25 practical

3. Caffeine-free for the whole family
Bedside storage: 25 practical

And finally, one of the most useful things about a Caffeine-drenched couch is that it’s much less messy than most desks in the apartment, a bit less noisy, and more comfortable to move around and get to. And if you’re not into big, noisy couch-topped rooms, that’s fine—just do the laundry outside.

4. Clean-sweating and comfortable on-leash couch

Couch-friendly but not-so-gentle, the Caffeine-free KitchenAid, on-leash couch is
Bedside storage: 25 practical books on how to be creative with your craft. A complete range of books, including some of Ireland’s favorite books for artists, are currently available at

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For an introduction to the book format, see: ‘Folders at Work: How to Fold Your Online Journal’

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