Classy Bags in Ethiopia

Classy Bags in Ethiopia
Classy Bags in Ethiopia

As a result, Ethiopia, which has no natural border with Eritrea, has become a major U.S. territory, attracting many refugees, some of whom do not speak English well.

U.S., African countries must agree to the proposed agreements. The United States considers it to be a serious foreign policy problem at home.

The U.S. has a policy to keep Americans safe in a region where they have been targeted by terrorist groups, said Jeffrey S. Scharf, Middlebury Institute professor and deputy director of Middlebury School of International Relations.

“By including the U.S., we are sending a message that will help prevent those attacks in the future, such as this attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi,” he said.

U.S. Embassy officials said Friday that the ambassador was safe and that he attended to his concerns.

A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, declined to comment on the U.S. decision, citing privacy considerations.

But Ethiopia was spared a high-profile casualty of the U.S.-backed attack when the Ethiopian military launched a devastating and sustained counterattack just after 6 a.m. The United States said in a statement Thursday that the attackers “targeted the