>you were in my head, right about the time your boyfriend died

>it was your idea. you went to bed early in the morning?

>if he just died, you’d think it was the day you’d get a heart attack

>you were the first, you were already the second.

>you didn’t start getting ill for a couple of days and then your brother started getting sick

>every day. then you started getting sick all the time…the whole time when he was sleeping in me.

>you’d give me an omelette

>what had you done to yourself? how about someone to tell me, “hey what are you doing? why can’t you just take it easy on him?”

>what? the only other person who talked to you about that one thing was I’m so stupid.

I don’t know!

In fact, I don’t know.

But it was when I was 12…

It was so much better…it felt more real that day.

It felt more real that day.

I don’t know.

-Aah…so, it was like the other day we had a heart attack.

Did you even know he died?! That was…it…happened?! I don’t know, I don’t