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Bluetooth Remote Shutter
Bluetooth Remote Shutter
How to make a selfie stylish, original, beautiful? Buy a monopod? Ask passers-by to photograph you? There is an easier way: install a special Android application that uses your Bluetooth headset as a shutter remote control. More on this later.
All we need is an Android smartphone and a headset paired with it. There are not very many applications for this purpose on Google Play, but you can still find free ones. I used Remote Shutter Camera. With this program you can easily make Bluetooth remote shutter for Android.
It is not difficult to find this application in the market search bar and download it. Therefore, I will not dwell on this. After installation, we launch the program.
There are two main buttons available on the main page: “Enter camera”, “Open Gallery”. Below there is a settings button, a photo sharing function, instructions for the application and a link to the developer’s website.
A few words about the settings menu. In it you can set the resolution of both cameras.
Sound effects can also be turned on and off. At the very bottom of the menu, there is a reset.
In order to take a picture using a Bluetooth headset as a shutter on Android, press the “Enter Camera” button on the smartphone.
This menu allows you to turn the flash on or off. You can also choose which camera will take the picture: main or secondary. And, of course, there is a shutter.
We set the phone at the required angle to take a picture. Then just press the media button on the headset – and the picture is ready. Photos are saved in a separate folder. You can go there by clicking the “Open Gallery” button of the main menu.
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