Intel® Pentium® Processors

Intel® Pentium® Processors

Learn about the amazing balance of performance, power, and value in systems powered by Intel® Pentium® processors. These processors are used in products ranging from laptops and convertible devices to desktop and mini PCs running Windows, Chrome and Linux. They provide a wide selection of the best devices to suit your needs, while also delivering the performance, capabilities and security features you deserve.

Collaborate, build and play with ease

Intel® Pentium® Processors

Intel® Pentium® Gold processor.

Intel® Pentium® Processor Silver Series.

Intel® Pentium® Gold Processor Intel® Pentium® Gold processors are ideal for everyday tasks such as basic office programs and graphics-intensive web browsing.

Intel® Pentium® Silver Processor Intel® Pentium® Silver Processor delivers amazing video conferencing, faster wireless connectivity and longer battery life.

Characteristics and performance information.

Amazing performance.

Whether you’re working or studying remotely, streaming content, or surfing the web, Intel® Pentium® Silver processors with Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig) technology can give you everything you need to do it. Collaborate with ease during video conferencing, even in low light, thanks to reliable networking capabilities.

Learn, work and play on the go.

Take your productivity to the next level, out of place. Do multiple tasks at the same time, browse apps and learn without worrying about interruptions to recharge.

Whatever you do, do it quickly.

Intel® Pentium® Silver processors deliver amazing performance. Take performance to the next level, including fast web browsing and performance for popular applications.

Play without interruption.

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