Agriculture & Food in Benin City

Agriculture & Food in Benin City
Agriculture & Food in Benin City
The agro-industrial complex is one of the most dynamically developing segments of the Russian economy. To strengthen their competitive positions, market participants need to constantly develop – to increase production efficiency, improve the quality and competitiveness of products, and carry out digital business transformation.
The PwC team, which specializes in working with companies in the agro-industrial complex, is ready to offer its knowledge and experience to solve the urgent problems facing our clients.
We work with most of the agro-industrial companies included in the RAEX-600, as well as with other companies – participants in the agro-industrial complex. Our clients include agricultural producers, processors of agricultural products, exporters and investors.
Our specialists have accumulated many years of experience in the field of strategic and operational consulting, corporate finance, audit and taxation, provision of services in the field of technological solutions, as well as in-depth knowledge of the specifics of the agro-industrial complex.
Development strategy
Supply chains
Sales planning for agricultural producers
Work included the implementation of a sales and operations planning process, and the development of a forecasting tool
Comprehensive consulting project Agriculture & Food in Benin City
Improving the efficiency of business processes, developing an operating model, preparing for the implementation of an ERP system
ERP Business Transformation
Development of a step-by-step plan for a comprehensive digital transformation, including an ERP system implementation plan
Consolidated agricultural holding model
A model in the context of 20 segments, taking into account the dependence between the segments and various business development scenarios.