Monitors in Ghana

Monitors in Ghana
Monitors in Ghana
The huge interest of buyers in affordable gaming WQHD displays based on IPS matrices provokes manufacturers to take all sorts of steps to reduce the cost of their products. For example, Gigabyte firmly tackled the middle price segment, where its new G27Q quickly turned out to be, perhaps, one of the best solutions in the class.
High-quality materials and assembly, an ergonomic stand, a convenient control system, a whole range of software chips and a high response speed of the matrix, coupled with a high sweep frequency and support for adaptive synchronization systems – this is all that we hope to see in a modern gaming monitor, especially if we paid for it is about 40-50 thousand rubles (for the WQHD version). Actually, it was in this range that almost all successful models on IPS matrices were for a long time, and only relatively recently new items with similar capabilities have broken through the bar of 35,000 rubles – a pleasant event.
Gigabyte went further: despite the rise in the dollar rate, the new G27Q that went on sale recently turned out to be cheaper than 30,000 rubles, which sharply affected the interest in it from potential buyers looking for something similar. Let’s find out what this gaming monitor is capable of and how it competes with similar models in the manufacturer’s rapidly growing product family.
The first information about the monitor in question came long before its actual appearance on sale, and the official announcement took place in April 2020 – the display was presented along with most of the new Gigabyte products from the Gaming line. The G27Q is the most affordable 27-inch WQHD IPS monitor in the manufacturer’s assortment, while the closest competitor is the similarly named G27QC, but based on a curved * VA panel.
As of the beginning of November, the price for the G27Q started at 28,000 rubles, and among the main rivals in the segment were three representatives from Acer and one each from ASUS and Viewsonic. Among them, the most advanced is the well-known VG27AQ, however, when compared with the Gigabyte G27Q, it turns out that it uses a previous generation IPS-type panel with a standard color gamut and a slower response speed.
White-LED 20DCI-P3)
48-144 G-Sync Compatible, FreeSync Premium
Maximum viewing angles
horizontal / vertical, В°
Built-in speakers: number Г— power, W
Tilt angle (-5 В° ~ 20 В°), height change (130mm)
Max. power consumption
in operation / in standby mode, W