Light Stands in Kenya

Light Stands in Kenya
Light Stands in Kenya

Thousands of demonstrators marched in support of Somali Muslim leaders after the Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Abdullah was jailed and stripped of his citizenship for protesting.

Hundreds marched on Nairobi’s central square, Nairobi, in memory of the late Mohamed Abdullah.

In a tweet, the statement appeared to call the jailed Muslim activist “our last hope” and state that he would not “live to see the freedom to express your ideas and values before the end of time.”

The call came days after Mohammed Abdullah became the first president of Morocco to deny citizenship to his Muslim son.

At a press conference announcing the verdict, Mr Hussein told reporters, “I do not agree with the judge’s ruling to the contrary, which said that he cannot grant citizenship to Mohammed Abdullah.”

“We were not prepared for this outcome in Kenya,” he said.

Protesters held placards reading “Death to Mohammed Abdullah”, “Hail the king”, and one “I love and I want him to do a lot for the people”.
Earlier, at the head of a demonstration outside the capital Abuja, two police cars were set on fire by demonstrators, police said. They were later evacuated.

Police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse them and the demonstrators were allowed back to their cars. The police had been carrying out raids on the demonstration, which had been shut down by Prime Minister Ken