Toyota Corolla 2010 Blue

Toyota Corolla 2010 Blue
Toyota Corolla 2010 Blue
Good afternoon, dear motorists !!
I decided to tell you, dear readers, about my TOYOTA Corolla car.
My wife and I bought it in September 2010, before that we had a 2003 Corolla, “Japanese”. We were very pleased with the previous car, so our choice fell on an updated model of this class. We believe that the main advantage is that the car is assembled in Japan, thanks to her, we even have more respect for the Japanese (recently they have something unlucky), and the multimillion-dollar number of buyers, in the entire history of this car, speaks for itself. Anyway.
We had to wait for the car for a whole month (and a day lasts more than a century). They invited us to the salon to pick up the car. We immediately rushed off. In real life, it is certainly more interesting in appearance than in advertising posters. Smooth lines, smart style. The radiator grill has become wider and more representative due to chrome inserts. By the way, engineers have added chrome, and from these shiny iridescent lines the eye is pleased. They brought turn signal repeaters to the side mirrors, now they are LED, with a pleasant yellow-greenish light. Themselves folding mirrors on an electric drive, a good plus.
The front and rear optics have also undergone changes (in contrast to the 2007 model). From this, the type of car has become more serious and striving (the light was replaced with xenon). The tires and the car are good, the wheels are usual with hubcaps (alloy wheels are put on the “prestige” package or for an additional fee.). The spare tire is full sized, with all the bells and whistles for changing wheels. Another plus for the car. The paint of the car is top notch.
We climb into the inside of the car. The doors close easily and not loudly. We examine the salon. The plastic of the panel has become softer than that of the pre-styling model, but the plastic inserts in the doors inside and the console of the radio, the air conditioner are the same oak and prone to light scratches, this is not very pleasing. Ergonomics at the highest level, from the driver’s seat, you can effortlessly reach any button on the panel, including even the glove compartment. And by the way, there are two of them, upper and lower. The steering wheel is very comfortable and is now not round, but D-shaped, cut off at the bottom. The gearbox in our configuration is a classic four-speed automatic (for some reason everyone scolded the robot, but we did not know it). The trim of the seats immediately leaves much to be desired, in the “Japanese woman” it is much better for this class of cars (the covers saved the plight of the cabin, and I advise you, readers, to do it right away). I have a height of 180, while I feel free, the ceilings do not press, neither in the back nor in the front. Pleased, 7 airbags, 6 speakers (I replaced the speakers immediately with ALPINE acoustics). Well, the trunk is very spacious, and even increases by folding the rear seats 60:40.
Well?! We sit behind the wheel and go.
The first impression of a new car just bought is EXCELLENT. (debriefing below). Switching speeds can only be caught by a professional. The suspension “swallows” irregularities very well. The engine runs quietly, only the noise of the rubber is taken into the car, which subsequently causes slight discomfort and a desire to improve sound insulation during long driving. The dashboard is very readable, by the way, you can adjust the illumination, and it is also Russified (this is gud). Climate control works fine. Visibility when driving does not limit anything, well, if only the front windshield pillars are wide and when cornering you have to look out from behind them. We call in at a gas station, refuel, we are immediately interested in what kind of tank capacity and how much fuel will last for long trips. 55 liters is the volume of the tank, and its maximum is enough for a combined cycle of only 420 km. paths. Of course not GRANTURISMO. (I refuel with my driving style and workload every 5 days).
You will say that first impressions are deceiving. And I will say: I here agree and disagree with this popular saying. The euphoria from buying a new car, of course, passed, and the working days began …
How does NEW Corolla do, you ask ?!
Now on the odometer of 20,000 km, there were long trips. Because we live in the city of Sochi, we also had to wind up the serpentines, well, in the city with traffic jams, with our bumps. I do not want to disappoint car enthusiasts who do not live in such “warm lands” as we do. But our car does not know frost, snow, ice, and of everything related to winter. I beg your pardon in advance.
Externally, the car has acquired a bunch of small “kotsok” and scratches, especially the bumpers. (Not without it), headlight washers do not cope well in inclement weather, you have to wipe the headlights manually. Road dirt, at speed from the side mirrors, clogs up the glass of the doors, the handles also become dirty. Trousers get dirty when leaving the car, clinging to dirty doorsteps. (this is a trifle, I think). The aerodynamics are good.
Inside, as I said earlier, a lot of small scratches were also added, from anything (ladies’ claws, keys, etc.) Covers save from burned-out seats. If you take care of the interior and the outer shell of the car weekly. It will delight your eyes for a long time with its novelty.
There are no crickets, but the noise of the wheels in the cabin is sometimes annoying. Then recently a knock appeared from behind, I was scared, but it turned out that it was just a wrench that fell over and rattled there.