Samsung Flat Screen TV 32 Inches

Samsung Flat Screen TV 32 Inches
Samsung Flat Screen TV 32 Inches
Determining the best option for yourself will not be difficult if you correctly approach the process and take into account several factors:
There are many brands, but the real leaders are the Korean companies LG and Samsung, whose TVs are most widely represented on the domestic market in almost all price ranges. Smart models are something like a “golden mean” for the user, where decent image characteristics are well complemented by the most convenient and versatile network functions.
The main competitor of the “Koreans”, the Japanese company Sony, has less developed intellectual platforms based on Android or Opera. But there are also significant advantages: a more realistic picture with natural color rendering, high-quality assembly in Europe or Malaysia (versus not always “even” Russian), stylish corporate design. True, you will have to pay extra for these pleasures.
It is no coincidence that we have divided the categories of the rating of the best 32-inch TVs, taking into account the screen resolution. Of course, the more the better. However, firstly, it all depends on the purposes for which the TV is purchased, and secondly, it is likely that the question will again rest on the price.
It can be the same Smart, a DVB-S / S2 satellite broadcast receiver, which allows you to do without a bulky separate receiver, additional interfaces for connections, and much more. Some newer 32 “TVs now support HDR. In this case, content shot in high dynamic range will be displayed with much better detail and more shadow rendering in dark and light areas.
Opens the category of the best low-cost 32-inch TVs, Philips 2020’s simple and unpretentious in terms of functionality. It looks, however, nice, shows great. Not a bit worse than the “Koreans”. Moreover, not in the same way as they, but somehow in their own way. Perhaps, the realism of color rendition will be even better, there is no oversaturation. This is where Pixel Plus HD comes in.
With the screen diagonal, everything is clear – 32 inches. Supported resolution – HD 720p (1366×768), frequency – 50/60 Hz (what else?), LED backlight – direct Direct. The tuner on the TV is absolutely universal – DVB-T / T2 / C / S / S2. Thanks to the presence of a USB port, it’s a pity only one, the functions of playback and recording using external drives are available.
For other connections, there are 2 HDMI connectors, so the lack of a Smart TV platform can be easily compensated for by connecting a separate TV box or computer. A trifle, but nice – the presence of an audio output to the headphones.
Compact TV with usual functions. The image quality is completely satisfactory, and the rest is not important. The device fits perfectly into the interior. I had to get used to the remote control, but over time everything settled down (there was a TV in the kitchen).
Not a movie fan’s dream, but quite a solid TV for the kitchen or any other small room. Not Korean. It is a typical OEM assembled at factories in Russia and Belarus from Chinese components. Someone just wanted to attract more attention to the distributed products due to the well-known name (they had to buy a license).
One way or another, the model is good-looking – the screen is almost frameless from 3 sides, the body color is classic black. The resolution of the 32-inch screen is 1366×768, which corresponds to the HD 720p standard. Display frequency – 60 Hz, brightness – 200 cd / mВІ, contrast – 3000: 1.
A normal, more affordable alternative to plain TVs from leading brands. It is not at all necessary to overpay for well-known names when nothing extra is required. The main thing is that the picture is good. And here is the order with this.
Quite a decent, inexpensive 32-inch TV with a nice name. The once French brand Thomson is today promoted by a Chinese, but very well-known and respected corporation TCL Group. The TV model in question belongs to the 2019 lineup, is produced in and for Russia. The functionality is simple, which, given the low price, shouldn’t be considered a disadvantage at all.