Board games store. The geek squared his shoulders.

Board games store. The geek squared his shoulders.

This is what the aged Gikach Lannik wrote in his memoirs, entitled

An even more wacky working title, but Gikach hasn’t come up with another one yet. Indeed, some time ago he started selling board games, opened an Internet store, a real store with a showcase, and even a board games club, where he began to hold game libraries. And now he sits and writes, surrounded by colorful boxes:

Suddenly look like this he looked up from the manuscript, straightened his stooped back and straightened narrow, but rather strong shoulders. He looked around the endless shelves with games and shed a tear, remembering how it all began

On the site it would be possible to buy board games quite inexpensively, wholesale or retail. The best tabletop hits

Board game as food for the mind.

Like a lady needs makeup, baby

There is an exit! Board game

The developing function of games has not been canceled, therefore, in a separate category, Gikach has collected educational games that are suitable for children. The most famous brand that produces this kind of games is the Smart Gang. The company offers board games for children from three to thirteen years old, developing attention, reaction and ingenuity, introducing letters and numbers, teaching fluent reading and fast counting, and later

Online store of board games Geekach Shop.

Gikach offers the widest range of board games. The catalog contains the best games from Ukrainian manufacturers, almost all Russian-language localizations, hit games in English and Polish editions of language-independent games, which are relatively cheap with the same quality. You will encounter games of European and American schools of game design, as well as hybrid strategies.

Board games are waiting for you:

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